YTX12-12 OEM-Size Lithium Battery
YTX12-12 OEM-Size Lithium BatteryYTX12-12 Antigravity OEM-Size BatteryAntigravity YTX12-12 Lithium BatteryAntigravity YTX12-12 Side Profile

Antigravity YTX12-12 Lithium Battery

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This is our Lithium 12-cell battery that comes in the OEM YTX12 case format, and is a direct replacement for that standard battery. The Antigravity YTX12-12 battery is ~70% lighter than the stock lead/acid version while providing more power and much better starting. 360 Cranking Amps. 12 Amp Hours (PB Eq).

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OEM Size Lithium Battery (Direct Replacement)

This is our 12-cell version that comes in the OEM YTX12 case format. It has 360 Cranking Amps and is a direct replacement for the standard YTX12 Lead/Acid Battery. Our Lithium-Ion battery is about 70% lighter than the stock Lead/Acid YTX 12 while providing about 100 more Cranking Amps for much better starting. IF you have any modifications or desire more power and more capacity you should opt for the Antigravity YTX12-16 or YTX12-20.


  • Ultra-Lightweight and High-Power Lithium-Ion Motorsport Battery.
  • Direct Replacement for the Lead/Acid YTX12 battery type yet offers 70% less weight and much better power for starting.
  • Most Compact and Powerful Lithium Batteries made for motorsports.
  • Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no “Parasitic Drains” (accessories that draw power when bike is off (i.e. alarms, ECUs, iPods, GPS, heated grips, etc).
  • Built in the USA to high quality standards.
  • Large all-brass terminal design.
  • 3-Year Warranty (view our Warranty page for details).

Best Uses

  • Excellent for every day use in bikes up to 1200cc.
  • Excellent for direct replacement for stock bikes using the YTX12 Lead/Acid Battery.
  • Excellent for use in Race Cars of all types including V6 motors.
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Antigravity Lithium Batteries Specs Comparison
Antigravity Batteries Specs Comparison
Additional Information
Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 4 in
Product Weight

3 lbs

Product Size

5.9″ x 3.43″ x 5.12″ (mm: 150x87x130)

Cranking Amps


Amp Hours (Pb Eq)


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1 review for Antigravity YTX12-12 Lithium Battery

  1. 5 out of 5


    Got my battery in the mail, and I put it right in. Just so happens that my neighbor with the V-Barf, happened to be there( sorry don’t usually dog anyone’s choice of ride, but this guy is always talking about Harley’s reliability) anyway, I knew he was there to watch me fail. With my new Antigravity battery installed, I flicked the switch and my Sportster fired right up! Better and quicker than ever! Shut him right up! Everything went well, on the install, my only suggestion for future batteries is too move the terminals down on the face, for this application. Just took a few more minutes to get them to mount up top. Otherwise, I totally love your batteries! I would recommend these to anyone! And it weighs about 4 pounds less than the lead battery! It won’t leak!, and it’s way more cranking amps than that crappy factory battery! If you haven’t tried one you should! Best of all, 3 year warranty people! Nobody does that unless they back their product! Quick service and all questions answered promptly and with a great care.

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