XP1, XP3 & XP5 Clampless Starting Harness Accessory

Starting Harness (Newer XP1, XP3)


Clampless Starting Harness for NEWER models of XP-1 or XP-3 Micro-Starts. Conveniently connects directly to your battery so you can easily jump-start your vehicle. Saves time with no need for clamps or removing the seat on your motorcycle.

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PLEASE NOTE: This Clampless Starting Harness is for the NEWER XP-1 and XP-3 Micro-Starts ONLY! If you have an original model, Go HERE.

Clampless Starting Harness

The MICRO-START Clampless Harness was made so that a rider or driver can easily jump start their vehicle using just the MICRO-START without the need for the clamps, or having to remove the seat on your motorcycle. It is a 12″ (300mm) harness that connects directly to the battery while the other end can plug directly into the MICRO-START’s jumpstart port. It adds convenience and saves time if the situation arises when you have to jump-start your vehicle. Simply connect the MICRO-START directly to this harness and jump-start your vehicle without having to use the MICRO-START jumper clamps!


  • 1pc Clampless Harness (12″ long) for use with the NEWER XP-1 and XP-3 MICRO-STARTS.

(For older models’ Clampless Harness go HERE.)


  • XP-1 (New Design)
  • XP-3 (New Design)

XP-1 Micro-Start Power Supply & Jump-Starter   XP-3 Micro-Start Power Supply & Jump-Starter


Please refer to the images below to see how the tips differ between the Starting Harnesses. The XP-10 harness connector is curved. The Old XP-3 and XP-1 harness tips are an EC5 connector. The New XP-3 and XP-1 have thermal protection and you can see the pin hole in its connector tip.

XP10 Harness Connector Tip

XP-10 Only

SPORT, XP5, Old XP1, Old XP3 Harness Connector Tip

SPORT, Older XP-3 & XP-1

New XP1, New XP3 Harness Connector Tip

New XP-3 & XP-1


  1. The MICRO-START is for Jump-Starting ONLY through the Jump-Start port!
  2. Never leave the Micro-Start connected to your vehicle’s battery for longer than 30 seconds, or use in place of your regular battery in your vehicle.
  3. Use only the provided chargers in the Micro-Start’s kit to charge the Micro-Start.
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 8 in
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12″ (304mm) long

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