Antigravity Batteries is introducing a new line of of Bluetooth Cordless/Wireless Earbuds as well as a Bluetooth Mini Speaker. ALL our Electronics products let you listen to & control any audio, and answer phone calls hands-free! The THUMP-BUDS are fantastic sounding Cordless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds that free you from that annoying cord you have to plug into your Phone or Tablet. Move up to 30 ft from your phone and clearly hear your audio. The NEW MICRO-BUDS offer the same functionality but in the Smallest, Lowest Profile available on the market. They fit comfortably under beanies and even helmets! The THUMP-BOX is a unique, mini Bluetooth Speaker System that transmits sound directly into the surface you put it on, rather than relying on a speaker. Put it on a table, cabinet, wood floor, cardboard box or any porous surface and get a full bodied sound coming directly from the item you place it on. Must be heard and seen to believe. Great sound and volume. Easy to control. Perfect for any office or room – only 2″x2″x3″.

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AUDIO CAP Beanie with Bluetooth Speakers by Antigravity Batteries

Audio Cap

Mini Thump-Box Bluetooth Speaker

THUMP-BOX Speaker System

4.43 out of 5
Black Thump-Buds: Bluetooth Earbuds, Wireless

THUMP-BUDS Wireless Earbuds

Sale Green Thump Buds: Bluetooth Earbuds, Wireless

THUMP-BUDS Wireless Earbuds (Green, Closeout)

$49.99 $32.00
Black Micro-Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

MICRO-BUDS Wireless Earbuds