Useful Cables and Adapters for charging your devices with your Micro-Start, or for charging the Micro-Start itself.

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Multi-Tip USB Cable (4-into-1)

OBD-II Memory Saver Cable for Micro-Start XP-1 & XP-10

OBD-II Memory Saver Cable (XP1, XP10)

4.67 out of 5
Female Cig Socket DC Tip 12V Cable / Adapter

Cig Socket into DC 5.1mm (XP1, XP10)

5 out of 5
Mobile Cigarette Port Charger for XP1, Micro-Start Accessory

Mobile Cigarette Port Charger (Older XP1)

Mobile Cigarette Port Charger for XP3, XP5, XP10, Micro-Start Accessory

Mobile Charger (XP3, XP5, XP10, Newer XP1)

5 out of 5
Wall Charger XP1 Micro-Start Accessory

Wall Charger (Older XP1)

Wall Charger XP3, XP5, XP10 & XP-2 Accessory

Wall Charger (XP10, XP3, XP5, Newer XP1)

5 out of 5
20" DC Extension Cable for XP1 & XP10, Accessory

20″ DC Extension Cable (XP1, XP10)

Sale Laptop Tips, Replacement Accessories for XP1 & XP10

Replacement Laptop Tips (XP1, XP10)

$15.99 $9.99
EC5 Tip into Female Cig Socket, Adapter Accessory

Female Cig Socket into EC5 Connector