Walker Fowler X-Factor GNCC Peru Indiana 2017
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Walker Fowler X-Factor GNCC Round 6 Report

Walker Fowler Race Report: X-Factor GNCC

PERU, IN (June 6, 2017) – After rescheduling the original date for the X-Factor GNCC due to flooding, the property faced more rain on May 20 when Walker Fowler lined up for round six in Peru, Indiana. Serving as the only new venue on the 2017 circuit, Fowler lined up with the attitude that each of his competition were facing the same, less than desirable conditions.

A good start would play a key role in this race where Fowler headed into the woods second. Just a few miles into the race, Fowler moved into the lead position after the leader was uncomfortable making line choices on the tough course and pulled over. Just two turns after finding himself up front, Fowler misjudged a mud hole and was in water up to his seat. After maneuvering his quad and finally getting unstuck, half of the XC2 Pro-Am class had already passed him.

Walker Fowler X-Factor GNCC Tough Ride
Walker Fowler faced the toughest racing conditions in years at the X-Factor GNCC.

Since the race was cut to be two-laps, Fowler’s instant response was to panic, but the two-time National Champion focused back in on the race and kept him calm minimizing future mistakes. Fowler managed to make his way through the pack quickly and as they approached the completion of the first lap he found himself back in the lead.

Adam McGill, Johnny Gallagher and Fowler were the only riders who selected to use a large tire set-up, which played to their favor on the second lap. The trio swapped the lead multiple times and used each other’s line choices to stay in close contact. As much as Fowler enjoys winning, he knew to play it smart in the unpredictable conditions and shoot for a podium finish.

As the second and final lap came to a close, Fowler kept Gallagher and McGill at bay as they went through one of the more difficult sections of the track. Once he emerged out of the woods into a field section, a lapped rider provided another obstacle for Fowler, leaving an open spot of Gallagher to make the pass for the lead back just miles before the finish.

Walker Fowler X-Factor GNCC Race May 2017
For the first time this season, Walker wasn’t standing in the middle of the box, but he couldn’t be more happy for his good friend Johnny Gallagher.

“There isn’t one rider I could be more happy for or more happy to be beaten by than Johnny Gallagher. I, of course, would love to be riding with a six-race win streak currently, but it just wasn’t meant to be! We look forward to round seven in New York where I have won every event we have had there!”

Fowler still maintains a large gap on the rest of the field when it comes to the points championship. With five wins and one second place finish, Fowler has a 51-point lead. GNCC Racing resumes this weekend in Odessa, New York with the Tomahawk GNCC!

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