Walker Fowler Tomahawk GNCC 6th Win 2017 Season
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Walker Fowler Earns 6th Win at Tomahawk GNCC

Walker Fowler Race Report: Tomahawk GNCC

ODESSA, N.Y. (June 13, 2017) – The 2017 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series continued this weekend, June 10, at the Seneca Highlands in Odessa, New York. Walker Fowler headed to the start line at the Tomahawk GNCC looking to improve from his last round’s results and return to the center of the box.

Earlier in the week, the property was hit with multiple rain storms leaving the track conditions dry and tacky, with a few unexpected slick mudholes. Once the green flag waved Fowler’s machine hesitated to start, putting him just inside the top-five as they entered the woods.

Walker Fowler GNCC Seneca Highlands June 10 2017
The Tomahawk GNCC played in Walker Fowler’s favor this weekend, where he remains the only ATV rider to win there.

Finding lines to pass proved to be rather difficult and it took Fowler almost the entire first lap to secure the lead. With the race being held in the New York off-road racing hotbed, participant numbers were relativity high creating more lapped traffic than normal. Once in the lead, Fowler attempted to gap his competition but suffered from a series of small mistakes and lapped traffic. A combination of these things kept the racing tight throughout the entire two hours.

Fowler briefly lost the lead on the last lap for a few miles, but regained it in an open field section. Fowler continued to feel pressure from second place, but used his advanced skillset to maintain his focus and take his sixth win of the season. Fowler remains the only ATV rider to win at the Tomahawk GNCC.

Walker Fowler Tomahawk GNCC Win - Antigravity Sponsored Rider
Walker Fowler’s Yamaha YFZ 450 R returned to its home in the middle of the podium this weekend.

“Overall, I’m happy to get another win and extend the points lead going into the most unpredictable race we do all season,” reported Fowler. “Every rider is the underdog at Snowshoe – aside from [Adam] McGill – he pretty much runs the show on the mountain. Maybe this year we can end his reign!”

With the season now halfway over, Fowler maintains the lead position in the championship chase by 56 points. GNCC Racing continues in two weeks, June 24, at the popular Snowshoe GNCC in West Virginia.

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