Walker Fowler 3rd Consecutive GNCC Championship
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Walker Fowler 3rd Consecutive GNCC Champion

Walker Fowler Race Report: Unadilla GNCC

NEW BERLIN, N.Y. (September 14, 2017) – GNCC Racing picked back up this weekend in New Berlin, New York after a two-month hiatus for “summer break”. After dominating the first half of the season, Walker Fowler picked up right where he left off at the Unadilla GNCC Rd 10 this past weekend and took his ninth win of the season in a commanding fashion along with clinching his third-straight National Championship!

Walker Fowler Unadilla GNCC New York 2017
Walker Fowler competed in the Unadilla GNCC this past weekend in New Berlin, New York.

With anticipation at an all-time high for the green flag to wave, Walker maintained his focus and got off to a good start where he was second through the holeshot. Knowing that he typically excels at this particular track, he knew it wouldn’t take long to secure the lead position. After following for most of the first lap, Walker looked ahead and saw a split line in the track which he used to move into the lead. Throughout the first half of the race, Walker felt pressure from his competitors as they kept him in their sights, but once the two-lap card came out Walker began to run his own race where he would end up seeing the checkered flag a minute and a half ahead of his closest competitor.

Walker Fowler GNCC Victory, Friends & Family
Although he created his own program this year, Walker Fowler took home his third championship with the same friends & family backing him.

The third time proved to be the charm for Walker, where this became the first championship where he won the race the same day he was awarded the title. “It feels better than I could have imagined,” explained Walker. After starting his own team for the 2017 season, Walker proved that he is just now reaching his full potential in his career. With Mark Notman as his main mechanic, and the WFR, Yamaha, Maxxis and Fly Racing efforts, Walker has just provided a glimpse of what’s to come.

“It’s amazing to get our first championship as our own team, and I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishment,” explained Walker.

Walker Fowler 1st Place Podium GNCC Rd 10, 2017
Walker with his No.1 plate on the podium after GNCC Round 10.

Walker would like to extend a special thank you to Jeff Hart and the group of “mud fleas” that came to his rescue on the tricky FMF PowerPoint hill climb. “There was a lapped rider stuck on the hill and a fan warned me not to go up. I figured I would be able to go up regardless… but I was wrong!” said Walker. “So the mud fleas, or hill fleas in this case, saved the day! Also, I can’t thank my mom and dad for all they do, they got me started with racing and backed me 100% of the way when I said I wanted to try and become a GNCC champion all those years ago in 2002.”

With the ATV title now wrapped-up, Walker can shift his focus to the final three UTV rounds. He’s already shown great strides in making a podium appearance and could put it all together at the next weekend, September 22, at the Mountaineer Run GNCC in Masontown, West Virginia.

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