Ronnie Renner: Antigravity Sponsored Rider
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Ronnie Renner

Antigravity Batteries is proud to sponsor pro FMX rider Ronnie Renner! Winning gold medals, breaking world records and redefining what people thought possible, he has been the most dominant rider in freestyle motocross for years. Ronnie has also become the most dominant athlete in X Games Step Up history, owning the most Step Up gold of all time (7), as well as the most Step Up medals period (11). He has won 14 XG medals total including 1 Real Moto gold.

Ronnie started riding motocross as a 4-year old in Florida and was experimenting with freestyle by age 8. In his early 20s he started attracting attention and was soon landing on the podium at X Games and Red Bull X-Fighters. In 2007 he broke the Step Up world record, and again in 2012. He also broke moto quarterpipe records in 2008 as part of the Red Bull Experiment and in 2009.

Freeriding on his motocross bike, Ronnie Renner has been all over the world. With huge whips, seemingly impossible tricks, and clearing record heights, he has stamped his presence in the industry. In recent years, now living in California, he has been taking trips North to the Idaho backcountry where he’s been exploring the up-and-coming sport of Snow Biking. He says: “the cool thing about snow biking is I really haven’t even tapped into this Earth. Free riding I’ve been around the world … Snow bikes, I’ve been to Idaho. That’s it … now I can just take this thing anywhere … and see what this world’s made of in the snow”. With big goals for the next 5 years, Ronnie’s not slowing down any time soon.


Red Bull’s video of professional Snowbike riders Brock Hoyer & Reagan Seig in the Idaho backcountry with freerider Ronnie Renner – taking the sport, and the timbersled, to places previously unridden.

Read more about him on his athlete page. Check out Ronnie Renner on Facebook.