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Antigravity Batteries is excited to announce our new partnership with the Nameless Performance team! They are a self-proclaimed home shop industry in Washington, proudly hand-building in small batches everything from braking systems to turbo kits (and much more) with utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. Nameless is more than a unique shop selling hand-built systems and components… they have quite the stable of their own customized race cars, and a skilled team of Formula Drift (FD) and Rally racers to match. Here we introduce a few of the Nameless Performance drivers that will be using an Antigravity Battery this 2017 season.


Steven Redd Rally Racing, Nameless Performance Team
Steven Redd, Nameless Performance, 2013 Subaru BRZ

Meet the Nameless Performance 2013 Subaru BRZ (above). This is a 350whp turbocharged group 5 monster that has the potential to beat every car in the field and regularly beats most of the AWD cars entered in the races. Nameless is training Steven Redd in this car; he is a newly welcomed member of their race team and is nearly up to speed with this rally car. This BRZ has placed 3rd overall on a few stages, with only Ken Block and the factory Subaru rally team beating them. Steven Redd ranks 1st in Class in the NWR Championship and 1st in Class in the CIR Championship! He’s shooting for his Pro2 license this year.

John Hoyenga Purple Panda, Nameless Performance
The "Purple Panda", personally raced by John Hoyenga and co-driver Jason Griffith

The second rally car by Nameless is called the Purple Panda. This car has a very storied past, and anyone who has followed local rally for more than 2 years has heard of or seen this car race. John Hoyenga, President and Manufacturing Director of Nameless Performance, took over the mantle of running it and added some MoTeC and other nice bits to it. He personally races this car with his business partner & co-driver Jason Griffith. In Hoyenga’s second event racing this car, he placed 2nd in class!


The flagship drivers of Nameless Performance are Pro drifters Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg. Forsberg is a 3-time champion, most recently winning last year’s championship!

Ryan Tuerck FD Pro
Ryan Tuerck

This will be Nameless’ third year running Ryan’s program and they have seen continuous improvement since they took the program over. The first year they ran him he went from placing 14th to 4th. Last year they finished 9th due to a few technical difficulties with the chassis that put them out early a few rounds. Ryan Tuerck is currently sitting 3rd in the Championship!

Chris Forsberg FD Pro, Nameless Performance
Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg is the 3-time champion FD driver that everyone strives to beat! He came on with Nameless Performance this year after winning the championship last year. Chris is currently sitting in 6th which is a better position than he has finished the first round on any of his championship years.

Cameron Nameless Performance
Cameron Moore

Nameless Performance’s third FD Pro driver is Cameron Moore, who joined their team last year. He has been a local hero in the Pacific Northwest for quite a while now. Cameron has worked his way up as a serious contender in every series he has competed, proving he has what it takes to come out on top. Nameless built him a new FRS chassis this year and so far it’s looking like he will excel in the chassis!

Check out their builds and follow their race activity on the Nameless Performance Facebook page.