SPORT Micro-Start Review by Adventure Motorcycle
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Micro-Start SPORT Review by ADV Moto

Even with the best batteries, spending extended periods out in the boonies may necessitate a back-up charging system. Solar panels are the clear winner for long journeys but can be cumbersome and expensive. Motorcycle USB harnesses are excellent for charging accessories but continually putting lots of load on your battery can be a recipe for disaster in the middle of nowhere. A Personal Power Supply (PPS) from Antigravity may be the perfect solution.

The latest PPS from Antigravity is the Micro-Start Sport. The new generation is considered an ultra-compact PPS and weighs just 12 ounces. The Micro-Start Sport features an 8,000 mah capacity, which Antigravity suggests is enough juice to charge the average cell phone four times or a tablet twice. In my experience with an iPhone 5, I was able to get four full charges and one half-charge out of the unit.

The Micro-Start Sport comes with a 4-into-1 USB cable that includes mini USB, micro USB, and both Apple connectors to power nearly all personal electronics. The best accessory included, however, is the set of mini jumper cables, which elevates this common external phone battery to a true adventure necessity. The Micro-Start Sport can charge your phone once and still have enough power to start a diesel pickup truck! ***

A piece of gear that serves double duty has tremendous value when riding off road. The Micro-Start Sport, with its built-in LED flashlight, device charging, and jump starting capabilities, repeatedly finds its way onto my short list of supplies. Did I mention it can even fit in a riding jacket? There’s really no excuse not to have one of these wonderful devices in your kit these days. Whether you’re tethered to your tablet, or you just like an extra bit of peace of mind off the beaten path, I highly advise bringing the Micro-Start Sport on your next ride.


  • Exceptional quality materials and construction
  • Charge USB electronics and jump start cars or bikes
  • Lightweight (12 ounces) and easy to transport


  • 5–6 hour empty-to-full charging time

Review by Chris McMachen

*** PLEASE NOTE: The Micro-Start SPORT is NOT for Diesel vehicles. For diesel-starting ability please see our Micro-Start XP-10 model. The SPORT can start gas engine vehicles up to 5L V8: cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports vehicles and watercraft!