AMA Pro Champion 2017, Gary Sutherlin
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Gary Sutherlin AMA Hare & Hound Champion 2017

We’re excited to see Gary Sutherlin win two major championships this year for our sponsored team Purvines DA8 Racing. This is his second Pro WORCS title and now his first AMA Pro H&H National Championship! Congratulations Gary! All three of Purvines DA8 riders were top 4 overall.

“We’re really looking forward to 2018 and knowing we already have two major titles going into next year makes us even more excited to see what we can accomplish.”

AMA National Hare & Hound, Lucerne Valley, California, Round 8


Going into the second to last round of the Hare and Hound desert race series, Sutherlin knew he had to win to wrap up the Championship early.

“With the help of Destry Abbott, we found a good line on the bomb since I knew the start was going to be so important. I got a great jump and I was able to pass my teammate for the lead within the first mile.”

Sutherlin had a wide open desert ahead of him with the weight of the championship on his back.

Gary Sutherlin Purvines DA8 Racing, Hare & Hound Champion
Gary Sutherlin, Purvines DA8 Racing

“I really focused on hitting good lines and pushing the entire 105 miles. I was super pumped to pull off the overall to really help put a stamp on the championship. It was a huge relief to get 2 championships done and I’m now looking forward to push even harder heading into 2018.”

Nick Burson Purvines DA8 Racing, Hare & Hound Rd 8
Nick Burson, Purvines DA8 Racing

NICK BURSON, 3rd Place

Nick Burson was ready to come out fighting for Round 8 due to his not so stellar finish at the prior round. “I did some suspension testing with Precision Concepts the Saturday before the race and change my set up a bit. Usually I don’t do this, but I knew I needed a change.” Burson’s 450FX fired immediately on the bomb where his line was straight down the middle.

“When I looked right I saw my teammate Gary and when I looked left I also saw Axel. It was all of us Purvines racers 1-2-3, it was an awesome feeling.”

Burson was in the lead at the end of the banner for a mile or 2 before Sutherlin got by him. “It was really dusty but I tried to stay with him as much as I could.” Burson came into the pits in 3rd place just behind 2nd. “On the 2nd loop Taylor got by me and I had just decided to ride my own pace and stay safe. About then I came up on Jake who was on the ground but okay. That mishap put me back in 3rd place. From there I finished out the 3rd loop to the finish line all by myself in 3rd overall. It felt good to get on the podium again and I made a big step forward with my riding but I still need to find the speed to run with the top 2. I’m looking forward to my last two races of the year next month.”

Axel Pearson Purvines DA8 Racing, Hare & Hound Rd 8
Axel Pearson, Purvines DA8 Racing


With a consistent season, Axel Pearson knew what he had to do to stay on top at Lucerne. “I made it to the race early on Sunday to work on my start. I found a good line but didn’t burn it in until 20 minutes before the start so no one else could see it.” When the banner dropped Pearson’s bike fired quick but a 2-stroke next to him came into him. “I had to check up which let everyone around me by.” Pearson then put his head down and gave it full throttle, where he was fortunate enough that no one took his line. “I kept it pinned and came through the banners in 3rd place behind my teammates Nick and Gary.” Pearson rode just outside of Nick’s dust until he was passed by Argubright in a rough valley. “I tried to push only to hit a big ditch in the dust that wasn’t marked. I hit my head so hard on the handle bars that I was seeing stars for the next 10 miles.” Pearson let Taylor by while trying to get back into a groove where he found it hard to focus and see in the valleys.

“I decide to play it safe but was still able to salvage a 4th overall. I’m stoked for our team as we had 3 riders in the top 4 and Sutherlin who wrapped up the championship a round early. Thanks to Collin for prepping us a good bike and the whole team of Ron, Destry and Cooper for coming out to help us!”

Pearson heads into the last round of NHHA 3rd in points.

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