Questions about our products? Quickly find answers in the FAQ section for our Micro-Start power supplies, and for our Lithium Starter Batteries. Soon we’ll be adding FAQs for our Electronics and Adventure product lines!

FAQs About Antigravity Products

Why are Micro-Starts the BEST product of its kind? Learn more about the Micro-Start’s advantage over other portable jump-starter power supplies out there. The following are answers to questions we are frequently asked.


The MICRO-START product line by Antigravity Batteries is known for its stellar performance and quality. Recently Consumer Reports honored the Micro-Start as the #1 Rated Jump-Starter over 12 competitors.

Micro-Starts are the ORIGINAL, best selling, world’s smallest lithium jump-starters that can also Charge & Power any of your electronics. Charge your Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, GoPro & other Cameras, MP3 Players, PSPs and numerous other devices. The Micro-Start is your POCKET-SIZED Personal Power Supply (PPS) that you simply charge once then conveniently take with you everywhere. It has stunning ability to Jump-Start your vehicles with ease, including V8 and Diesel Trucks**. It features a built-in LED Flashlight with two flash patterns. It also comes in a compact carry case as a complete kit with all the accessories you need. Never worry about returning to a dead battery or having an electrical outlet nearby. Take portable power wherever you go and always be prepared to supply back-up energy to charge your devices or jump-start your vehicles. (**Jump-Starting power varies by Micro-Start model. Our XP-10 is the most powerful that has Diesel starting ability.)


Currently we offer 5 MODELS of MICRO-STARTS. Some as small as a Smartphone and others that are capable of easily starting Diesel Trucks and charging laptops for hours. The basic differences are the POWER for jump-starting vehicles, the CAPACITY of the units for back-up power, and their features such as charging PORTS.

    For example, the XP-10 has 300A starting current and 600A Peak! It is our most powerful unit that can start Diesel Pick-up Trucks. The other Micro-Start models should not be used for Diesel jump-starting due to the fact that a Diesel motor has extremely high compression and needs very high Amp Discharge abilities. The XP-1, XP-3 and SPORT models can start gas engines up to V8** size. (**SPORT starts up to 4L V8, the XP-3 up to 5L V8, and XP-1 starts up to 6L V8.)
    ALL Micro-Starts are equipped with a USB port to charge your 5V USB devices. The XP-3 features TWO USB ports. Both XP-1 and XP-10 also have dual USB ports and additionally feature a 12V DC output for accessories and a 19V for laptops. All Micro-Starts have a built-in, very bright LED flashlight, including 2 flash patterns. XP-1 and XP-10 have ultra-bright lights!
  • ALL models themselves (except SPORT) can be recharged by wall outlet or vehicle’s cigarette lighter port – and these charger accessories are included as part of the Micro-Start kit. The XP-3 additionally has the ability to recharge from any USB connection, such as found on your computer or phone charger, or in your car, a hotel or airport. The SPORT model solely recharges by USB connection, making it the most compact kit we offer as it eliminates the need for the home and mobile charger accessories. Every Micro-Start comes in a durable carry case with all the accessories you need to charge your devices and jump-start your vehicle.


Our smallest units are not recommended for Diesel Motors (XP-1, XP-3, SPORT). Diesel Motors have extremely high compression and require the glow plugs to be ignited. You need maximum power for this application. We suggest the MICRO-START XP-10 as the unit best for starting Diesel pickup trucks like the DuraMax as well as Passenger Car diesel motors. We also have a specific larger model coming out for 12- and 24-Volt applications and for use with Diesel motors.


There are 5 different MICRO-START models (and more coming); some have higher capacity than others or more features. Capacity is the amount of energy that can be stored in the Micro-Start. For specifications and features of the different models, see their product pages – view all models here. But in general the amount of time a Micro-Start can charge a phone is also based on what it is charging. For example some phones have a larger battery than others. If you’re charging your phone while in use, or with the GPS running for the Maps feature, it will draw a lot of energy and the Micro-Start will not charge the phone as many times as when the phone is off and just charging.

In addition keep in mind that EACH different type of electronics device has different size of battery in it. For example if a MICRO-START XP-1 can charge an iPhone about 6-7 times, it may charge a different brand more or less times depending on the size of battery in that particular phone or other device. In addition Tablets have much larger batteries inside than a Cell phone so you would not get as many charges on a Tablet as compared to a Cell phone.


The MICRO-START Warranty is for 1 year and you can find the WARRANTY HERE.


  • Knowledge: First and foremost we are a company specializing in lithium battery manufacture and production. We are NOT a trading company like most every other company selling this type of product. The trading companies import a copy-cat product and then sell them without really knowing what makes for a good lithium battery. WE KNOW the product and continue to design and develop it.
  • Devotion: We are devoted to building the best product available in terms of performance and durability, but also in regards to design and innovation. Our MICRO-START is the ORIGINAL of its kind. Often copied, but never duplicated. It is the best selling and most reputable product in the Motorsports and Tool Channels.
  • Quality: We know all the companies that produce the parts for Lithium-Ion products. We know who makes the quality cells and products, while trading companies know little of their product or of the manufacture process for producing quality products – cheaper versions offer cheaper material. We use higher quality & UL-listed lithium cells; the quality of the cells and circuit boards inside is the heart of the product.
  • We are an American company dedicated to producing the most innovative, quality products in the Lithium-Ion market. When you purchase an Antigravity Micro-Start you are getting the best and highest quality in every component from Power Cells to our over-all design and build quality.


The Antigravity Batteries MICRO-START was the first and original mini jump-starter on the market. We are the world’s best selling mini-jump starter and within 6 months of the release of our product we started seeing lower-priced inferior copy-cat products. Just because it looks the same does not mean it is remotely similar in quality. There are many important factors involved with making a quality product of this type. Lithium Cells are the heart of the unit and a quality “A-Grade” lithium cell is quite expensive as is a quality circuit board. The use of inferior and low quality parts are how these copy-cat products are made and sold so cheaply. They use recycled lithium cell packs or a low grade cell that will work for a few months then die or lose performance, and they use a lower quality circuit board.

Additionally many sellers of these products are usually importers or sellers buying from a Chinese Trading Company with no understanding of what makes a quality lithium product. They just sell the latest “hot selling” product with no concern for warranty claims later. Most often times they inflate the milliamp hours (mAh) of their units to numbers that induce sales. They are most often no-name brands and usually have no quality control, no official website and only have a presence on Amazon or Ebay. They often operate out of a garage or small warehouse with no phone number to call and ask questions.

Antigravity Batteries is a trusted, high-quality brand with business relationships with top distributors, dealers and brands in our industry. Antigravity Batteries will never attempt to use inferior materials or workmanship in regards to any aspects of our products. We stand behind producing the BEST product of it kind in all of our endeavors.


Your choice of which Micro-Start to get will depend on your uses. All Micro-Starts can charge your USB devices. If you need to run your laptop or want the highest capacity, take a look at the XP-1 and XP-10. Choose the XP-10 if you need Diesel jump-starting ability. If you want the smallest, lightest Micro-Start for ultimate portability, compare the capacities and features of our XP-3 and newest SPORT model. Your choice might depend on how many devices you want to simultaneously charge. The XP-10 and XP-1 each have 4 power ports. The XP-3 is equipped with 2 USB outputs while the SPORT has 1. Our SPORT model comes in the most compact kit we offer, as it has ability to recharge off any USB connection and does not require the wall- and mobile-charger accessories. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: 310 527 2330.


Antigravity Batteries are the latest Nanophosphate Lithium Motorsport battery technology. Our starter batteries work perfectly in all 12V vehicle applications (not recommended for use in passenger cars). Our batteries are the smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries available for motorsports vehicles regardless of some of the misleading claims of other manufacturers. Our batteries can offer OVER twice the cranking amps as lead/acid while offering a weight savings of up to 80% and be half the size! They do not need any maintenance or trickle charging (if there are no parasitic drains), plus have a longer life than lead acid and are Non-toxic!


  • POWER – Antigravity Batteries are the most powerful battery in the smallest, lightest package that is available today. On average the Antigravity Battery is 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a lead acid battery, yet puts out TWICE the cranking amps. We are also significantly more powerful than some other lithium batteries on the market.
  • BETTER STARTING – Because of the high power of our batteries you will notice a faster turn-over of the motor, but in addition to that you will have a larger ignition spark due to the fact that the voltage stays much higher than lead/acid on the starting pulse – this aids dramatically in starting the vehicle.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Antigravity Batteries are on average 70-80% lighter than the lead acid battery they replace. When seen in person the size and weight difference is quite extraordinary. Antigravity Batteries are a fraction of the cost of Titanium or Carbon Fiber, yet offer up 20 times the weight savings of those very expensive products!
  • COMPACT SIZE – Antigravity Batteries are usually from 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the lead battery they replace (when using the small case models)! This can be a great benefit to anyone installing Power Commanders or extra electronics, or for the custom builder who desires to hide the battery or have more room to lower the seat on a custom build.
  • NO MAINTENANCE – These batteries are a no-maintenance battery: there are no liquids to spill, no trickle charging needed to keep the battery charged (provided there are not parasitic drains occurring). If your electrical system is functioning properly, and you do not have accessories that drain the battery while your bike is off, you should not have any issues with the battery.
  • NOT DAMAGED BY VIBRATION or HEAT – This is an extremely important point. Lead batteries are damaged by vibration and heat; it is one of the causes of early failure in lead/acid batteries. If you have a performance bike or high vibration vehicle like a large twin the effect is more pronounced. Antigravity Batteries are not affected by vibration!
  • NON-TOXIC – The chemical make-up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead within the battery.


  • We are devoted to building the best product available in performance and durability, but also in regards to design and innovation. We are the only company to offer direct OEM (stock size) replacement batteries in high-power lightweight lithium, AND in ultra-compact “Small-Case” batteries for racers, performance riders or custom builders. So the customer has the option of ultra-high power and lightweight in a stock size OR they can have the ultra-compact “Small-Case” preferred by Racers and performance vehicles.
  • We are honest about our Cranking Amp and Amp Hour numbers. There are a few companies putting out highly inflated, misleading Cranking Amp and Amp Hour numbers. Rest assured that NO company offers more cranking amps or a more powerful battery than Antigravity Batteries. We have the smallest and most powerful batteries of ANY company in our Small Case batteries, and have a model as high as 720 Cranking Amps yet only 6″ x 3.4″ x 5.1″ tall. No other company offers that kind of performance in such a lightweight and compact size!
  • We are the only “waterproof” lithium battery available – others claim water resistant, or are not waterproof at all (Shorai) and will void the warranty if wet. Antigravity IS basically waterproof. Antigravity does not void the warranty if you get salt on the terminal or over-tighten a terminal. Shorai and Ballistic will void your warranty if these conditions happened. Additionally, we have a 1 year warranty for race use. The warranty on Ballistic or Shorai is voided for race use. We know our product can handle the toughest use and stand behind it!
  • We offer the best warranty in Lithium or Lead Batteries. Our warranty is 3 years, a full year longer warranty than Shorai, and we do not have some of the warranty-voiding limitations that they do, such as “battery cannot be discharged below 12.8 volts” (what battery does not go below 12.8v at some time?). We build a solid product and do not have quality limitations like our competitors. Read the warranties from Antigravity vs. other Lithium battery companies.
  • We make our batteries here in America and we use Power Cells made by the American manufacturer who provides lithium batteries to World Class companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, Tesla just to name a few. We do NOT use the inferior Chinese Lifepo4 copy cells or the lower powered Pouch/Prismatic Cells that are found in some of the other brands like Shorai. We out-perform other Lithium batteries and build our product to withstand the demands or racing and hard use. When you purchase an Antigravity Battery you are getting the best and highest quality in every component from the Power Cells to our overall design and build quality.
  • We are TRUE innovators and developers of lithium battery products. We have the knowledge and understanding of lithium-ion technology for Motorsports and Powersports. This is ALL we do and WHAT our company does. This is our expertise and we are known as one of the leading Lithium Battery companies in the world of Powersports and Motorsports. We supply lithium ion batteries for Race Teams as well as the everyday rider. We are used by some of the top riders and teams in the worlds of Auto, Motorcycle and Powersport Racing.
  • Once you start to look closely at your choices and learn about this great new technology we feel Antigravity Batteries will warrant being on first choice list.

WHAT BATTERY CELL DOES ANTIGRAVITY USE & WHY? (I see Shorai uses Prismatic Cell and Antigravity is Cylindrical)

The cell is the heart of any battery and there are major quality differences and power differences in them. There are two formats of cells used in Lifepo4 technology: Cylindric and Prismatic. Cylindric is a small cylindric shaped cell with a metal exterior and Prismatic is a wide flat rectangle wrapped in a foil type covering. Cylindric (like we use) is capable of putting out a much higher Pulse Discharge than the Prismatic form of the battery, and puts out a higher constant current as well.

The Power Cell we use is the most tested, reliable, durable and powerful Lifepo4 battery cell made, period. A123 Systems is the originator of this type of Nano-Technology cell and no company has yet to produce an equivalent level of performance that this cell offers. The Prismatic form is less expensive and less powerful but does offer lightweight and no maintenance features – but Antigravity believes in having the highest power possible for use as a starting battery. So we stick with the proven, most powerful cells available.

As an example of the power to size ratio of the Antigravity Battery Power Cell vs. Prismatic Cell: a Prismatic Lifepo4 18 amp hour (PbEq) battery puts out 220 Cold Cranking Amps. Our 16-cell is a 16 amp hour (PbEq) yet puts out an incredible 480 Cold Cranking Amps – DOUBLE the power of the Prismatic, yet amazingly is smaller than the Prismatic. This battery can turn over the Big V-Twins like 124 cubic-inch high-compression motors, where the larger Prismatic will fail to get past the compression stroke. We always go for POWER first and foremost and we trump all other batteries in this area.


The Antigravity Battery normal voltage is 13.2V. The battery will read up to 14.7V immediately after charging. The normal operating range will read between 13.3-14.5V. After a few hours it will self-balance to the 13.3-7 range which is its normal state of charge. The maximum voltage the battery should be exposed to is 14.7V. On the lower end of the voltage range the battery should be put on a charger if the battery voltage drops below the 12.5V range while sitting. The voltage should not be allowed to drop below 11V while at rest. Permanent damage may occur below 11 volts…


In most cases no… The battery is Maintenance Free and can hold a charge for up to a year PROVIDED the bike/vehicle does not have a PARASITIC DRAIN or accessory taking the energy. IF your vehicle’s charging system is in good working order and you do not have any “parasitic drains” on the bike you should not have to charge this battery; rarely if ever. If you do have longer layoffs, or your bike has accessories creating a drain, you can purchase one of our battery chargers specifically designed for this Lifepo4 technology.


  • If you are using the smallest battery possible for your bike to save weight (for example for race use a 4-cell in a 600cc bike, or an 8-cell in a 1000cc bike) you may find in 50 degree weather and below it may be sluggish initially. But with each attempt to start, the battery actually warms itself from the amp discharge and gets back its full strength. If you often ride in weather below the 50s we recommend going up one or two sizes on the battery – this will give you more cranking amps to get power even if it’s very cold.
  • You can ruin the battery if you let it drain to below 10.5 Volts!!! This is true of ANY battery, lead/acid or lithium. Draining a battery to this level will damage the battery cells. This is not a concern if you remember to turn off your ignition, or turn off any accessories that are not ignition switched and monitor your battery if you plan on not riding frequently. You should also make sure your vehicle does not have a “parasitic drain” or “short circuit”. A “parasitic drain” is something like an accessory that is pulling energy from the battery even though the ignition is “off”. This can drain your battery below 10.5V and ruin it. Sometimes a short can also be the cause of a drain on the battery though all accessories are “off”. For the best battery life you should monitor your battery and if you do not ride for a time make sure you disconnect the battery.
  • Also important is that OVER CHARGING above 14.6V can damage Lead or Lithium batteries. For this reason older bikes should make sure their electrical system and specifically the Voltage Regulator is operating correctly or you will find yourself damaging your batteries if your bike’s charging system’s voltage to the battery is going above 15V.
  • DO NOT ABUSE the battery. These batteries express extremely high amperage and can get over heated if you keep cranking a bike repeatedly over 7 seconds multiple times in a row. Though they are made to start your bike with fantastic results they can become over heated if you keep trying to crank a bike that just isn’t starting. 500 Cranking Amps can generate heat extremely quickly – a couple cranking attempts if fine… long term cranking of 500 cranking amps is not good for anything and can damage the starter and the battery.


This battery should last about 4-5 years, but this will be determined ultimately by how it is used and treated by the consumer. The type of use as a “starter battery” application provides for long life especially if all is well with your electrical system. But in racing and abusive use the lifespan may be much less. Also Parasitic drains or over-discharging or over-charging the battery will shorten life dramatically or ruin the battery. Just make sure you are disconnecting the vehicle if in storage and that you do not over charge or let the battery drain below 11V and all will be good for a long time.


Yes a “best in the business” 3 year warranty; please check it out here: WARRANTY.

When you look at a warranty between different manufacturers look at the detail… we see some of the other companies who make similar style batteries have shorter warranties and warranties that are voided if you get salt on their battery terminals, or if you tighten the terminal to over 5lbs of torque… or if you allow the voltage to drop below 12V… We feel these limitations only show a lower build quality of those batteries. Make sure you compare warranties in detail. We offer the strongest warranty out there.


The Antigravity Battery comes ready to install, and start the bike/vehicle. We do offer two brands of Lifepo4 chargers. Our Antigravity Brand and the Optimate Brand. We have a 4-amp and an 8-amp charger. It will charge the battery to its intended peak voltage and will shut off when the battery is charged.

You should NOT use an automobile or motorcycle charger that is specific to Lead/Acid batteries! They can cause damage to the batteries because they charge in a different way than a specific Lifepo4 Lithium Charger. They often have a Desulfinate feature or over voltage “Quick Charging” feature – both of which will damage the Antigravity Battery. Lead Acid chargers in many cases will overcharge a lithium battery ending up in damage which is not covered under our warranty.


In the case that you need to store your bike for a long period of time, you should disconnect the battery. If you’re storing the battery out of the bike just put it in a cool dry place and cover the terminals with tape to protect from accidental shorting of the positive and negative terminals. The battery can hold its charge for up to a year, but check it every 6 months. Do not leave a battery connected if you know you will not be riding for a long time.


Please use our BATTERY FINDER, or write us an email and we will help you decide.